Board of Directors

July 2021- June 2022


President: Virginia Jorden, RP EC
Vice President: Joan Geissdorfer
Secretary: Maria Piazzola
Treasurer: Loretta Jorden, ECC

Board of Directors:

Diane Hoover, PNP
Stacy Fazekas, Jr. PP
Syliva Wainio, PNC
Katherine Bearden, PRP EC
Mary Ann Gordon
Kathy McCruden
Barbara Hrynyshen
Karen Shannon
Ana Hervada
Donna Huttinger
Nicole Torres
Sharon Guibao
Irene Jorden Romero

Committees and Chairpersons

Americanism/Patriotism – Stacy Fazekas
Audit – Sylvia Wainio and Mary Ann Gordon
Chaplain – Ana Hervada
CLC Representative – Sylvia Wainio
Hospital – Kathy McCruden /Syliva Wainio (Bingo)
Membership – Diane Hoover/Joan Geissdorfer
Publicity – Virginia Jorden
Unit Activities – Maria Piazzola
Welfare – Loretta Jorden
Youth – Irene Jorden Romero
Sergeant at Arms – Mary Ann Gordon
Flag bearers – Barbara Hrynyshen and Mary Ann Gordon

Event dates and Chairpersons

Las Vegas Night – November 6th 2021. Chaired by Diane Hoover.

Unit Christmas Party– December Meeting – Sylvia Wainio

Chili Cook Off/ Bake Off – February 5th, 2021. Co-chaired by Irene Jorden Romero and Loretta Jorden.

Spring Dance – TBD

Unit Birthday Party and Past President Dinner– June Meeting- Loretta Jorden