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Hospital Committee Chair Request

Baltimore VA Medical Center Requests:

Deodorant to go to the Baltimore VAMHCS inpatient units – preferably travel size as they are not shared among veterans

Feminine Hygiene Items (i.e. sanitary napkins, etc.) – requested by the homeless program

The items listed are handed out to the units and homeless program as requested (which for the deodorant is quite often) therefore, we can accept whatever amount you are willing to provide.

Brand is not important as the deodorants are provided to the nursing staff for use of inpatient veterans, therefore its use is monitored for veterans safety [some individuals are sensitive to scents due to breathing difficulties, so mostly unscented may be best].

Committee Update 2018

Committees and Chairpersons

Americanism/Patriotism – Stacy Fazekas & Loretta Jorden
Audit – Sylvia Wainio and Mary Ann Gordon
Chaplain – Loretta Jorden
CLC Representative – Sylvia Wainio
Hospital – Cathleen Erickson
Membership – Stacy Fazekas & Diane Hoover
Publicity – Virginia Jorden
Refreshments – Sylvia Wainio
Unit Activities – Annie Tydings
Youth – Loretta Jorden
Sergent at Arms – Annie Tydings
Flag bearers – Barbara Hrynyshen and Mary Ann Gordon


Event dates and Chairpersons

 *11/17/18 – LAFRA Las Vegas NightCHAIRPERSONS NEEDED

12/4/18 – Unit’s Christmas Party – Sylvia Wainio
2/9/19 – Chili Cook off – Loretta Jorden, Eimile Jorden & Virginia Jorden
6/4/19 – Unit Birthday Party and Past Pres. Dinner – Loretta Jorden
6/8/19 – Spring Dance – Dee Van Nest and Marie Gough

Memorial Day Parade 2018

We had several of our members walk in the Annapolis Memorial Day Parade representing the Ladies Auxiliary of the Fleet Reserve Association. We handed out yellow carnations as we walked to as many veterans we saw along our path. Mayor Gavin Buckley and several other service organizations participated in the annual wreath laying ceremony at Susan Campbell Park. The Fleet Reserve Association President John Bocchicchio (pictured) placed the wreath for the wreath laying ceremony.