Committee Update 2018

Committees and Chairpersons

Americanism/Patriotism – Stacy Fazekas & Loretta Jorden
Audit – Sylvia Wainio and Mary Ann Gordon
Chaplain – Loretta Jorden
CLC Representative – Sylvia Wainio
Hospital – Cathleen Erickson
Membership – Stacy Fazekas & Diane Hoover
Publicity – Virginia Jorden
Refreshments – Sylvia Wainio
Unit Activities – Annie Tydings
Youth – Loretta Jorden
Sergent at Arms – Annie Tydings
Flag bearers – Barbara Hrynyshen and Mary Ann Gordon


Event dates and Chairpersons

 *11/17/18 – LAFRA Las Vegas NightCHAIRPERSONS NEEDED

12/4/18 – Unit’s Christmas Party – Sylvia Wainio
2/9/19 – Chili Cook off – Loretta Jorden, Eimile Jorden & Virginia Jorden
6/4/19 – Unit Birthday Party and Past Pres. Dinner – Loretta Jorden
6/8/19 – Spring Dance – Dee Van Nest and Marie Gough

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